Map of territory of Braddon, Tasmania

Visit My Namesake City

Come visit the beautiful town of Braddon, Australia.  As much fun as it is to tell people this place was named after yours truly, according to Wikipedia, Braddon was name after an Australian legislator named Sir Edward Braddon.  Sir Edward participated in the writing of the Australian Constitution and was the Premier of Tasmania from 1894-1899. Tasmania also has its own area called Braddon.

Apparently, Braddon is also a very hip place to eat.

Sir Edward Braddon and Braddon Mendelson

Braddon, Australia is located on the south-east side of Australia, in a northern suburb of an area called Canberra, and was settled in 1922.

Braddon Mendelson is located on North America, in a northern suburb of an area called Los Angeles County.

Here’s a map, if you need directions:

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