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UPA Documentary Website

Anyone who has seen a Mr. Magoo cartoon is familiar with the iconic mid-century modern style of United Productions of America, aka UPA Pictures.  Founded in the 1940s by former Disney employees, for over three decades UPA set the standard for artistic expression in animation.  In addition to Magoo, UPA produced hundreds of animated shorts, documentaries, commercials and a handful of features. A new documentary is in the works, “The Boing Heard Round the World,”  that will present the story of UPA to a mass audience.

I was honored to have been chosen to create the website for the documentary.  The site, in addition to promoting the film, is arguably the most comprehensive compendium of UPA history and information available on the web.  Perhaps that’s because the executive producer and director of the documentary — and the person who hired me to create the website — is Tee Bosustow, son of Stephen Bosustow, one of the UPA founders.  Thanks you Tee, for entrusting me with this project.

The three beautiful pages of artwork that bring you into the site were created by artist Fenway Fan and art director G. Garry Black faithfully designed with the mid-century modern look of UPA — with a tiny bit of added web animation done by yours truly.

Enter the theater and enjoy.