Dead bird lying on back with ketchup pack in his claws

A few of the projects I have worked on as a director, producer and/or writer.


CineVerses, Web Series (2014-2017)
Read Me a Story, Web Series (2013-2017)
Desperate Times, Video Podcast (2017)

Music Videos

Smile Empty Soul, “All in My Head” (2016)
Soul Jazz of Fortune, “Live and Learn” (2015)
Feather Rain, “Grounded” (2014)
Slum Peasants, “All the Love is Gone” (2008)
Monster Magnet, “Unbroken (Hotel Baby)” (2004)
Robert Bradley’s Blackwater Surprise , “Train” (2002)
Lucyfire, “The Pain Song” (2001)
Butterfly Jones, “Anywhere But Now” (2001)
Myra, “Siempre Hay Milagros” (2001)
Enuff Z’nuff, “There Goes My Heart”(2000)
Bio Ritmo, “Bin Bin” (1999)
Broadhead, “Started Dreaming” (1999)
Goodie Mob, “Black Ice”  (1998)
Outkast, “Da Art of Story Telling” (1998)
OutKast, “Rosa Parks”  (1998)
Xzibit, “What You See” (1998)
Mo Thugs, “Ghetto Cowboy” (1998)
Bizzy Bone, “Nobody Can Stop Me” (1998)
Case and Joe, “Faded Pictures” (1998)

Feature Films

The Advanced Guard (aka “The Colony”) (1998)
Boogie Boy (1997)
inside Edge (1991)
Nudist Colony of the Dead (1991)


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