I wrote for the popular German sitcom Ritas Welt (“Rita’s World”) for Sony Pictures Television International.

I don’t speak any German, but the staff in Cologne spoke English.  I’d get up at six in the morning to have a conference call with the German producers — they are nine hours ahead of us — then I’d write and revise an outline and send it via email.  After several rounds of notes, I would write the final draft. I wrote the scripts in English and they were translated into German.

Rita’s World was similar in tone to the American sitcom “Roseanne.”  It was fun to write for the show, and I learned a lot about German culture (and humor).

How many Jews can say they wrote the Christmas episode of a German television show?

This guy!

Rita Welt (“Rita’s World”)

Boogie Boy is a dark, crime thriller featured film I produced in 1998.  It will soon be re-released on BluRay disc in 2018 for its 20th anniversary.

Produced by: Braddon Mendelson
Starring: Marc Dacascos, Frederic Forrest and Emily Lloyd
Written and Directed by: Craig Hamann

Movie Poster for Boogie Boy

“Have You Seen the Tickle Bug?” was a book I wrote and illustrated a few years ago.  It is currently being translated into Spanish.

Cover of book Have You Seen the Tickle Bug?
Have You Seen the Tickle Bug?

I create custom websites for a variety of clients, both individual and corporate.

Judy Tenuta

Trinity Classical Academy

As producer and/or director, I have worked on dozens of music videos for a variety of artists in all genres.